Our Methodology Explained


Although the specific details may vary, TM Technology Partners, Inc. (TMT) brings an innovative and consistent approach to every project. Our unique and proven formula for success begins with program development. It is during this stage that the scope of a project is determined. After listening to the client and completely understanding objectives and expectations, TMT conducts a needs assessment period of discovery and inventory of assets. Only after a careful project analysis and a complete understanding of the client’s goals will we develop a basis for design. Once the scope of each project has been defined and baseline criteria established, TMT provides a comprehensive project budget with an in-depth project description for approval. Upon approval, TMT delivers a detailed project schedule with established progress milestones.

Needs Assessment

  • Conduct User Interviews
  • Inventory Existing IT Systems
  • Conduct Discovery Meetings
  • Establish Requirements for:
    – Local Area Network
    – Wide Area Network
    – Wireless LAN
    – Telephony Systems
  • Prepare an IT Systems Basis of Design Document (BOD)
  • Review BOD and Make Changes, as needed
  • Prepare IT Systems Procurement & Implementation Schedule
  • Prepare IT Systems Budget

Schematic designs act as a bridge between program development and design development. Diagrams and drawings outlining connectivity schemes transform a conceptual design into a concrete vision – the client’s vision. This vision becomes the basis for defining space and developing the actual physical layout of the project. From there, the designs become more detailed with engineered plans and specifications, as well as the development of RFP’s for systems acquisition. The process for analyzing and evaluating bids received from the RFP’s is comprehensive and thorough, verifying accuracy and determining value, down to the smallest detail.

Documentation & RFP Development

  • Document IT System Requirements
  • Develop a Systems Integration RFP
  • Manage the RFP Process
  • Answer all Bidder RFI’s
  • Oversee Bidder Presentations
  • Coordinate Product Demonstrations, if required
  • Review/Evaluate all Integrator Bids
  • Prepare a Bid Leveling Sheet
  • Provide Value Engineering Services, if required
  • Provide Award Recommendation
  • Provide Support during Contract Negotiations

Once we have made bid recommendations and contracts have been awarded, the procurement process draws to a close, the focus is turned on the management of receiving deliveries — checking them multiple times against all orders. At this point, and only upon absolute compliance, will the construction and installation process begin. We oversee cabling infrastructure fit-out, prepare cable pull schedules and issue cable termination details. We also plan and detail rack locations and elevations. We conduct ongoing site inspections to verify that all work is proceeding on schedule and in accordance with the design plans and within code.

TMT deeply believes in proactive construction project management, preferring to maintain a continuous presence at the project site. We are passionate in our attention to detail in all aspects of the project. This hands-on management philosophy stems from our belief that we should not merely observe the process, but actually drive the process.

Implementation Management

  • Conduct IT Systems Planning Meetings
  • Monitor Progress vs. Schedule
  • Coordinate Equipment Deliveries
  • Oversee System Installation and Manage Field Issues
  • Conduct a Post-Installation Survey

In the last phase of the project, we develop and execute an approved systems integration and migration strategy. This includes overseeing the relocation of production network systems and deploying a seamless employee migration plan.

Completing each project, there is a period of rigorous testing to confirm that all systems operate properly. At TMT, the project only concludes with our client’s total satisfaction. We build a strong foundation for your business, and as your technology evolves our relationship continues.

Project Phases Include